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Current Workshops

Introduction to...


This is a new series of workshops in response to the numerous enquiries I have had from people who would like to know a little more about a variety of therapies.


The therapies and techniques covered include:-


*Stress Management Techniques

*Introduction to Reiki

*Mindfulness & Meditation

*Introduction to Reflexology

*Confidence Boosting Techniques

*Introduction to Kinesiology


The series is designed to help you understand the key ideas behind each therapy and combines information, practical demonstrations and handouts.  The workshops are informative and fun with plenty of practical techniques for you to experience. You can either choose to attend a single workshop or sign up for the whole series.


For more detailed information, take a look at the  Introduction to .... Workshops page.


Other workshops run here include:

Relaxation and Stress Management


A half-day workshop full of practical activities and exercises to help you reduce your responses to stress at home and/or in the workplace.  This workshop is for anyone who would like to be able to discover how to ditch the stress and begin enjoying life.  


There will be relevant and useful handouts for you to take home as a reminder of the variety of topics and techniques you will have been told about or experienced during the workshop.


To see the full content take a look on the Relaxation and Stress Management page.

Available Workshops


Ditch the Stress !      


Introduction to Reiki


Mindfulness & Meditation




Confidence Boosting




Ditch the Stress




Relaxation Skills