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Here are some Bright Minds videos to help you feel calm and energised. The first video demonstrates  a simple breathing technique - calming and easy to do.  Why not try it?


The video clips show techniques to help you boost your energy, clear your mind, feel active, motivated and able to relax.  You can use any of the techniques separately - they take under 5 minutes. However if you wish to maximise the positive effects of these techniques, do them as a sequence. They take less than 10 minutes.  See what you think.

"Janet is an excellent 'listener' with the ability to help me get to the nub of an issue.  Janet is able to suggest which Therapy may be of the greatest benefit-  whether it be an emotional or a physical issue.  Janet is multi-skilled and has suggested a choice between Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology or Reiki in order to help me.  I have always felt great benefit following a treatment.  Claire - Cherry Burton

Videos to help reduce stress and boost energy