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What will I Learn?


A range of practical techniques to help you discover a whole range of stress reducing relaxation techniques drawn from my 15 years of developing and teaching courses on Stress Management.


You will learn:-


*How to breathe well.  A variety of breathing techniques to quieten the mind and reduce 'mind chatter'.


*Kinesiology techniques i.e., the 'stress release' process and others to allow you to reduce the emotional response you may experience in relation to a work/daily life issue.


*Emotional Freedom Technique – tapping technique.  This technique is quick, easy to use and enables you to move forward.


* Mindfulness techniques.  


How you will benefit:


*Be more relaxed and feel less tension in the body.  Be able to recognise your stress signals quickly and able to use a strategy from your 'toolkit' to good effect.


*Be better able to reduce the negative impact of endless worrying and be able to challenge the factual evidence you have to support your thinking about a situation.


*Be able to reduce 'overthinking'  and negative 'mind chatter' by selection of a suitable strategy from your toolkit.


On completion of your individual programme  you will be more aware of your own stress-response patterns and signals. You will be better able to respond positively and move forward when faced with stressful situations. You will be able to select and apply the best and most appropriate technique for a specific situation from your personalised toolkit.











"Janet is an excellent 'listener' with the ability to help me get to the nub of an issue.  Janet is able to suggest which Therapy may be of the greatest benefit-  whether it be an emotional or a physical issue.  Janet is multi-skilled and has suggested a choice between Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology or Reiki in order to help me.  I have always felt great benefit following a treatment.  Claire - Cherry Burton

Stress Management Solutions