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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?


Neuro:  How we make sense of the world through our 5 senses – how we think and feel.


Linguistic:  How we express those senses and emotions into thought and language.


Programming:  How we relate that thought and language into beliefs that form our habits and patterns of behaviour.


How can NLP help me?


NLP can help you:

*  Behave in a way that you would want to in a difficult situation

*   Get on with people more easily and understand them better

*   Understand and feel good about yourself

*   Identify whatever stops you from doing the things you want

*   Be happier, enjoy life and be able to relax

*   Make positive changes to your life


How is it done and what will I feel?


You will be seated throughout your session and work towards achieving your goals through a series of spoken exercises and visualisations.


Fee: Initial consultation and one-hour treatment:  £30