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Janet Illidge

Stress Management Specialist

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"Janet is an excellent 'listener' with the ability to help me get to the nub of an issue.  Janet is able to suggest which Therapy may be of the greatest benefit-  whether it be an emotional or a physical issue.  Janet is multi-skilled and has suggested a choice between Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology or Reiki in order to help me.  I have always felt great benefit following a treatment.  Claire - Cherry Burton

News from Bright Minds


If you are struggling with weightloss you might like to check out this


New 3-Step Brain Training - Quit Sugar Hypnotherapy Programme


I am pleased to offer a solution to dealing with sugar cravings once and for all.  Turn the sugar addiction centre in the brain to the 'off' position rather than allowing it to control you. The outcome of the 3-Step Hypnotherapy Programme is to put you back in control of your food choices and not the 'sugar'.  


You will be encouraged to keep a simple Food Diary and every client has a detailed consultation to enable you to become clear about your 'sugar triggers'.  Once you have identified your triggers, together, we can move forward.


As well as the 3 hypnotherapy sessions you will receive a CD to listen to in between sessions in order to reinforce the new thinking and eating habits - putting you back in control.  Become the healthy person you wish to be and book now.


Contact me on 07855 131276 or message me for more details.


Lack of energy, feel tired all the time?

Then why not kick start your energy levels with the exciting new programme  just to help you fight fatigue and have enough energy to take you through the day. Check out this link to 7 Days to Skyrocket Your Energy Programme.


The programme is designed for busy people who would like to have more energy, to keep going throughout the day and spend no more than 10-20 minutes a day to to change their life.You can also keep up-to-date by having a look at the Facebook page for The Energy Lifestyle Team


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