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Janet Illidge

Stress Management Specialist

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"Janet is an excellent 'listener' with the ability to help me get to the nub of an issue.  Janet is able to suggest which Therapy may be of the greatest benefit-  whether it be an emotional or a physical issue.  Janet is multi-skilled and has suggested a choice between Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology or Reiki in order to help me.  I have always felt great benefit following a treatment.  Claire - Cherry Burton

Ditch the Stress!

This workshop is designed to help you become more aware of the signals your mind and body are sending you when your stress levels are rising.  When stress builds up life becomes less enjoyable.  You will have the opportunity to try some simple practical techniques to help you lower your stress levels. Refreshments and relevant handouts will be included.


Introduction to Reiki

This workshop will give you an overview of what Reiki is and how it can be used to help you feel calm, relaxed and energised.  There will be a practical demonstration of a Reiki treatment and an explanation of how Reiki can be used positively in daily life. Refreshments and relevant handouts will be included.


Mindfulness and Meditation

This workshop will give you an understanding of what Mindfulness is and examples of how you can use the techniques in order to improve the quality of daily life. You will be introduced to simple Meditation skills and have the opportunity to experience a guided meditation.  Refreshments and relevant handouts will be included.



This workshop will enable you to understand what happens in a Reflexology session i.e., gentle massage of specific points on either the soles of the feet or the hands.  You will understand how points link to an organ or system in the body and understand the benefits to wellbeing. There will be an opportunity for you to try Reflexology on your hands. Refreshments and  relevant handouts will be included


Confidence Boosting

This workshop will help you to explore a variety of techniques and exercises designed to help boost your confidence.  You will be given insight into how we may be sabotaging our self-confidence and what steps you can take to change such behaviours.

Refreshments and relevant handouts will be included.



This workshop will help you to understand the ideas behind Kinesiology techniques and how they can be used to help you improve energy levels, posture or a specific goal for example.   Practical demonstrations will be given together with relevant handouts.


Relaxation Skills

This workshop offers a broad overview of a whole variety of relaxation techniques.

Introduction to... series of workshops


List of dates for the 'Introduction to...' series of workshops



Ditch the Stress !                     January 27th


Introduction to Reiki             February 24th


Mindfulness & Meditation   March 23rd


Reflexology                               April 20th


Confidence Boosting              May 25th


Kinesiology                               July 6th


Ditch the Stress                      September 21st


Mindfulness                             October 19th


Relaxation Skills                     November 23rd


Places are strictly limited so please make a note of these dates and contact me soon to book your place.


Light refreshments and handouts are included.


*If you would prefer attending on a Saturday morning please contact me.


All workshops  run on Wednesday mornings from 10.00 am to 11.30 noon

The fee for each workshop is £5