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What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is “a state of extreme relaxation with heightened awareness.”  You are more aware of sounds, smells and your surroundings whilst under hypnosis than at any other time.  Hypnosis enables you to reprogramme the way you think and feel and has been described as ‘a massage for the brain’ as it is so relaxing.


How can hypnotherapy help me?


It can:

*   Reduce stress

*   Improve sleep patterns – insomnia etc.

*   Reduce weight and change their eating patterns and habits

*   Help you to overcome long-held fears and phobias

*   Improve confidence in social settings or the workplace

*   Help you to stop smoking

*   Enhance performance - from sport to the performing arts


How is it done and what will I feel?


Many people are under the misconception that when you enter a state of hypnosis you give up control of your mind and body.  The opposite is actually true - you are in total control at all times. Hypnotherapy allows positive suggestions to be made to your sub-conscious mind. You will be seated or lying down fully clothed and be led in a gentle way towards deep relaxation. Most people experience a deep sense of calm, peace and relaxation and may drift off into deep sleep.


Initial free 20 minute telephone consultation prior to your first session.


Fee: Initial consultation and one-hour treatment:  £30


"I went to see Janet in order to lose weight and overcome my craving for chocolate bars!!   The Hypnotherapy session was very successful. I was able to reduce my craving for chocolate and learned to think about whether I was truly hungry or just bored or upset.  Jill - Cherry Burton