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Sue B – Soul to Sole Therapy

Highly recommend all of the Sprays and Scrubs – you feel good after use. My clients like the room spray and I love my Body Scrub.

Caroline A – Synergy Pilates

My clients absolutely love the Uplifting Spray Mist - I use it in my therapy Pod all the time.

Essential oils are extracted from plants, flowers and resins to help with healing and maintaining your vitality. By skilfully combining essential oils and using them in the correct ratios I can create a blend that promotes healing on different levels i.e., physical, mental and emotional.


Essential Oil Spray Mists - £8.00 (Personalised blends £10)


Peaceful Sleep Blend - I may select from oils such as Lavender, Clary Sage, Frankincense or Chamomile dependent upon the individual’s preferences or sensitivities.


Stress Free Blend - A blend comprising of four oils all known to help uplift our spirits. There are notes of Orange and Peppermint for example.


Feminine Divine Blend - A beautiful combination of oils to help you feel nurtured and connected with your feminine energies. This blend contains Frankincense and helps to aid a relaxed state of mind and assist with meditation,


Clarity and Focus Blend - This combination includes notes of Cedarwood and Lavender. It helps to clear out the old and bring in the new – we all have times when we become stuck with our thoughts and cannot see how to move forward.  


Uplifting Blend - This blend includes Lemongrass and is a wonderful aid to helping you feel brighter before a meeting, for example, or when you just need a lift. It’s excellent for helping to assist the clearing old energies in rooms that feel heavy.


Chakra Balancing Oils - I have created a unique blend to assist the balancing and clearing of each of the seven main Chakras. I can create a blend to assist you. You may find it helpful to have a treatment first to determine the priority.


Body Salt Scrubs - £9.00 - The scrubs comprise essential oils, Epsom Salts and Almond Oil. They act as a wake-up call for your mind and body.


Apply the scrub to damp skin, gently rub using circular movements to help aid the removal of old skin cells and energies,  When you have a shower the scrub will just rinse off with the aid of a shower petal and if you are enjoying a bath it will just dissolve in the bath water.  The Body Scrubs are very popular and available in a variety of combinations similar to the Sprays. They can be tailored to meet your individual preferences or needs i.e., an uplifting blend or one to give clarity and focus.


Aloe Vera Gel - £8.00 - Menopause Blend – this blend has proven very popular to help reduce the impact of hot flushes as it can be topically applied to pulse points on the wrists for example. The oils are chosen for their hormonal balancing properties.

"Janet is an excellent 'listener' with the ability to help me get to the nub of an issue.  Janet is able to suggest which Therapy may be of the greatest benefit-  whether it be an emotional or a physical issue.  Janet is multi-skilled and has suggested a choice between Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology or Reiki in order to help me.  I have always felt great benefit following a treatment.  Claire - Cherry Burton

Essential Oil Spray Mists, Body Scrubs and Aloe Vera Gels

Oil Blends

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